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Meal plans rotate 5 fresh recipes each week so you will never get bored or burnt out! We also have À la Carte.

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Our team of professional chefs prepare all your meals fresh every week. Saving you from groceries, prepping, and cleanup!

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Schedule your weekly delivery every Sunday or Monday to your door. Convenient!

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No prepping or cleanup. Your meals are ready to eat, just warm it up for 2 - 3 minutes in the microwave and dig in!

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Calorie Smart

💲 From $10.69 per meal

🍴 From 350 calories

• 5 recipes each week

⏲ 2 Min in microwave

💪 Lean Protein

⏱ Slow Digesting Carbs

❌ Cancel anytime

Plant Based

💲 From $11.42 per meal

🍴 No processed foods

• 5 recipes each week

⏲ 2 Min in microwave

💪💪 Tons of flavor

🔥 Tons of energy

❌ Cancel anytime


💲 From $11.42 per meal

🍴All flavor no diets

• 5 recipes each week

⏲ 2 Min in microwave 

💪 Lean Protein

😊 100% Convenience 

❌ Cancel anytime

Chef's Choice

💲 From $11.42 per meal

🍴 Diet & Cheat days

• 5 recipes each week

⏲ 2 Min in microwave 

💪 Lean Protein

😃 Maximum variety

❌ Cancel anytime

what is your time worth?

We have surveyed thousands asking “How does Meal Preps 4 Me truly help you?”. The number 1 answer, you ask? TIME! A single individual can expect to save a minimum of 5 hours a week by not needing to shop, prep, cook or clean! What are you going to do when you don't have to worry about cooking or eating out anymore?

feel full and still have leftovers

We perfected healthy eating, but that's not it.

Eating healthy with us is actually fun and convenient. Our chef's ensure you are getting the nutrients you need to have lasting energy and pleanty of focus. Say goodbye to energy drinks and coffee!

Our portions are huge. 1 person typically walks away with lefovers. We designed the meals in a way that even the biggest appitite can't over eat!

Each meal is ready to eat, just 2 minutes in the microwave!

Don't just take our word

Read what our members are saying

There is no doubt you will love us too!




Why Order From Us?


Our ready to eat meals give you a break from shopping, preparing, cooking, & cleaning.

Portion Control

You can't overeat when our expert chef's portion the perfect amount for you.

We're Local

We source our food local, we source our chefs local and we support local with 1,000s of meals already donated!


Our service is delivery only at this time. We deliver FREE to your home, office, or anywhere in our delivery area every Sunday or Monday.

At this time our meals are made with a healthy balance for general wellness and clean eating. Most of our meals are between 450-550 calories. Shop our meal packs for nutrition facts. Shop

No. Our system will text you just before we deliver your meals so you know they are there. Our thermal packing with ice pack will ensure your melas stay cool until you can refrigerate them.

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