Weight loss demystified

Weight loss de-mystified 


You’re the pray! Don’t be fooled by predatory marketing. 

How do you lose weight? It’s a simple question, but there is a $75 BILLION a year weight loss industry clouding the waters. With tons of gimmicks custom tailored to your buying patterns.. not your health needs. They know at a low point in your weight loss journey you will buy any shiny silver bullet that claims fast results. Not to mention their predatory marketing tactics don’t exactly have room in their budget for moral obligation or customer retention. This is just one of several factors hiding the pathway to success in your health journey. 


Stick to your guns! Weight loss is simple. Not easy. Too many choices. Not enough tenacity. 

Besides being made to feel terrible inside about your outside, the huge marketing budgets of weight loss companies throw another unforeseen roadblock. Confusion. Do you choose Keto? Caloric restriction? Paleo? Vegan? Plant Based? Intermittent fasting? And the list goes on! The shear volume of choices is unbearable when trying to choose a path. Weight loss and good health is a marathon. Never a sprint!  

If you want to be easy pray for weight loss predictors just buy into any advertisement touting big results in a week or even month. Health is about modest gains. There are no quick fixes. So switching from one diet to the next because you didn’t see big results inside a few weeks is a horrible idea. You body and mind barely had time to give the diet a chance. The truth is… THEY ALL WORK (for the most part). You just need to stick to your guns and try them long enough. Think months not weeks. 


Lose 20 lbs in a couple weeks? Yeah right the human race would have went extinct!

In reality, a trim waistline was never part of the agenda as the human race evolved. We were built to survive! If we did not have an efficient way to break down nutrients and store the excess as fat, well… we’d be dead. Even going back 100 years grocery stores were not a common thing. In 1916 the first US grocery store, The Piggly Wiggly, was founded in Memphis. So how did we eat before then you ask? We picked it out of the ground, we raised it, or we hunted it. As any forager, farmer or hunter will tell you, the harvest or hunt does not always cooperate. If you can’t find nutrients, you have to create it from your fat stores. If these “energy storage tanks” were hard to fill up (hard to gain weight) or if we could drain them out rapidly (lose weight quickly) it’s likely the human race would have died of starvation thousands of years ago. 


Stop dieting and start eating!

Everyone says “I need to go on a diet to lose weight”. They’re wrong! Diets by definition are something you go on and go off. A diet is a temporary thing. You gained weight because of your eating habits. The goal is not to diet, its to change the bad habits that got you where you ended up in the first place. Eating properly, eating in moderation is key. Knowing your Basal Metabolic Rate, being aware of your daily calorie intake and your daily active calorie burn are all parts of the equation you must know to accomplish what we are speaking up. 


Next Week

Next week we’ll be talking more about how to break down your fitness journey into effective bite size steps!