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Our Meals Plans are a cancel anytime subscriptions so to ensure you get your meals each week. Great for those looking to save a few dollars and not worry about remembering to order each week.

Our build your own section allows you to order each week or just one time.

We pack every order our very own custom designed metalized bubble thermal insulated bags with food safe gel packs, and deliver them in our own fleet of refrigerated vans to ensure the freshest damage free delivery.

Classic Meal Plan:Our "Calorie Restriction" meal plan. Great for those looking to attain or maintain health goals through calorie restriction. Most meals are between 350 and 550 Total calories and around a pound of food. It's a TON of food.

Keto Meal Plan:Those looking to obtain and stay in ketosis will love this plan! We aim to be below 5 NET Carbs

Homestyle Meal Plan:Those looking for tons of flavor and primarily focusing on meal prep for convenience. This plan really maxes out on flavor without a ton of consideration for those looking to diet. Its good old fashion fancy restaurant cooking!

Chef Choice Meal Plan:Great for those that want a few healthy meals and a couple "Cheat Meals". We mix up the best of the best between the Classic, Homestyle and Keto Meal Plans.

We have a beautiful, state of the art 30,000 sq/ft commercial kitchen located in south Toledo Ohio.

NEVER! We strive to keep all of our items as fresh as nature intended!

Yes indeed! You can also leave the containers, bags and gels outside your door on delivery day and we will recycle them for you!


11:59:59 Thursday nights for the following week's delivery.

The only commitment you have is to yourself! You can cancel in your customer portal under Manage Subscription at any time. Even right after you place your first order. No one likes to be trapped in a subscription. The only reason we have subscriptions services is because of how may customers asked us to make it so they didn't have to reorder each week.

The day of the week your place your first subscription order becomes your billing day. If you order on a Monday, renewals will be billed on Mondays.

Yes! Upon checkout use your information in the "Billing" Section and use their information in the "Shipping" section.

Yes! Just log into your customer portal here and click manage subscription. Navigate to the "Manage upcoming orders" section and there you can skip and recover shipments. ** Please not the dates listed to skip are the dates of the day the order is billed. Shipping days are the following week.


We ship to North West Ohio and South East Michigan and rapidly expanding. At checkout we will verify by your zipcode if you are in our delivery range.

Nope! Feel safe knowing your food is packed away in our very own metalized bubble, thermal insulated bags with gel packs to ensure your meals stay fresh on your doorstep even on hot days!

If you don't love our products, please contact us within 14 days of purchase to set up a refund. Please note, we may require proof of purchase to consider your refund request.

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