Calorie Counter

What Does the Calorie Widget do?

Want to lose or gain weight in on a schedule? We can help with that! Just enter your physical details, goal, and the time and BOOM! We have a plan for you. 

Calorie consumption varies from person to person, but it's important for everyone who wants weight loss or gain. The calorie widget can help you determine how many calories your body needs in order achieve a specific goal: whether its losing 20 pounds or gaining 20 pounds!

The calorie calculator widget allows you to input your height, weight and activity level. From this information it can calculate the number of calories that are required for daily use as well as show options on what kind these should be--whether they're burned off through exercise or saved up so there's more food available later in case we need an extra helping hand!

The calorie calculator widget helps you find the perfect balance of food and exercise so that your weight stays on track. You can input how much or little you want to gain, then it will calculate when a surplus/deficit is needed for optimal results based off any guessed information about activity levels (which we're guessing aren't very accurate).

Losing weight is all about the math. And just like not being able to eat what we want... the math part is no fun either! So we got you a handy calculator!