About Us

Meal Preps 4 Me” was created by a husband and wife who need to make changes for better living. 

Crystal is a young mother managing a busy household. Juggling life and raising  two high energy children exposed an underlying health issue. After being diagnosed with hypoglycemia and discovering more about nutritional needs, she  adjusted her diet to keep healthy and fit. 

Cooking healthy meals for the family every day can be quite the task. Planning the meals, grocery shopping, cooking and then cleaning up. Couple that with trying to keep the kids from sticking their fingers in light sockets, or gluing themselves to screens, and still making sure the kids hit all the milestones on time sums up a typical day. Oh! and dare we mention squeezing in some exercise too…

Anyone with a busy life can relate.

Crystal needed all the help she could get. 

Matt is a dedicated husband and father with Hypercholesterolemia. Trying to keep up with Crystal, help where he can, and work a "9-5" which is really more of a 6AM to 7PM.... 

Did someone say breakfast? You mean coffee, if he's luckyLunch? You mean protein bar since there is no time to leave work. Or worse, rushing to some fast food joint to scarf down a $10 and 2,000 calorie heart attack sandwich with a bucket of carbs on the side. 

Let's face it. Our story is not unique. We are all trying to beat the odds, balancing being a good parent, building a career, finding time to relax with the seemingly impossible tasks of eating clean and staying healthy.

We discovered meal prepping as a means to eat well, manage our health issues, save time, save money, and still enjoy meals.

And so it began. We decided to start preparing all of our meals each week on Sunday. We wanted to to ensure everyone in the family had something delicious and healthy to eat. Wherever they happened to be. 

Our chef inspired meals are measured, healthy, fresh, and delivered to you weekly.

Save yourself from fast food, bad food, skipped meals, and everything else.

Meal Preps 4 Me” to help keep you healthy and fit in your busy life.


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