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the struggle to feed yourself responsibly is real! we created meal preps 4 me to take the stress out of your day and help keep you healthy! no matter if you're trying to get out of cooking or just need a little help getting on track, We got you. 

as parents of 2 little ones 14 months apart we saw how easily eating can get out of hand in stressful situations. In comes meal preps 4 me with a weeks worth of ready to eat meals in your fridge that heat in minutes. no cooking, no cleanup. Just simple.

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Meet Your personal Chef Monica


Before she was dishing up your favorite meal preps, Monica was looking after hundreds of seniors in assisted living. 


Registered with Lucas county, Ohio & Serve Safe Manager certified.


As a mother of one with peanut allergies, Monica is a stickler about allergens and cross-contamination.


Monica does not fudge on her nutrition labeling. With her weekly nutritional audits you can rest assured she is keeping a close eye on what you're putting in your body

Steadfast & Reliable

Meet the team

We want you to know, like and trust us first. It's a big leap to trust some company on the internet to handle your nutrition. After all, you are what you eat right? πŸ˜‰ 


Founder & inspiration

After 2 children and 70 pounds of weight gain, I had enough. Being on the.. shy side I started at home with exercise apps to avoid the crowd. Unhappy with the speed results came, I started to portion control meal prep. Working out I couldn't seem to lose weight, it blew my mind how easy it was to lose after portion control.



20 years in the hospitality and 7 more operating north west ohio's largest food distributor, I am an expert when it comes to local first procurement, safe food storage and logistics. I love meal prep because it allows me to get high quality meals on the go that never get boring and keep me light on my feet. I get the energy I need, save money and stay out of the fast food trap. Yes. We eat our food every day!


Your driver

Sure you have heard of a rodeo. But, have you ever heard of a SCHOOL BUS ROADEO!?! Well Arlene over here wins them! Look it up. But seriously, If parents K-12 can trust her flawless delivery with their most prized possessions you can trust her to get your meals to you perfectly preserved. Arlene is our 1st hire and we aint letting her go! Catch her on the road for your delivery and ask her about this years Roadeo!


Your driver

Want to know sign language, German, Spanish, or French? This is what Lori teaches her kids when she is driving them to school on the bus! Particular, smart, caring and absolutely hilarious, we actually met Lori when she was school bussing the year before our kids were going. When she found out our kids were scared to ride the bus, she spent so much time before the school year getting them comfortable. Now our own daughter wont ever miss school because she needs to see MISS LORI!!!! If you catch her on route ask her what she taught the kids this week 😊

Frequently Asked


Need Help? We've got you covered!

Do I have to subscribe?

Do I have to log in each week to order again

No! Will curate each week of meals for you. 

If you don't care for something let us know. We will do our best to work around it. 

How do I place an order?

Just head to the top of the screen and select the menu you find the most appealing. After that you will be instructed to choose how many meals per week you will want. 

The more you buy the more you save, but we suggest you start with a 10 meal pack! This will give you 2 of each recipe.

This is great if you are looking to replace lunch and dinner for 1 person for 5 days. 

Most of our customers are eating Monday to Friday with us and "cheating" 😜 Saturday and Sunday

Should I expect delays when ordering?

No matter what we are delivering the delivery day you select! Rain, Sleet, Shine, Holiday.. we will BE THERE!

What are your shipping & handling charges?

FREE Shipping and Handling! 

We DO NOT hide a HUGE shipping charge on the checkout page like others. 

We make our pricing simple. What you see on the checkout page is what you get charged. 

Well.. unless you want to leave a tip 

When will my order ship?

All orders placed on or before Thursday will ship the next Sunday or Monday. 

Example: If today is Thursday the 1st of July, your order will be delivered Sunday July 4th or Monday July 5th. 

And yes. We deliver on the 4th of July! 

What if I am allergic to something?

Let us know in the delivery instructions. We'll keep a note of it and work around your allergy. 

Also check out our nutrition facts located on the product page of each meal. See our A La Carte Section

How can I pay for my order?

We accept all Master and Visa Credit/Debit Cards

What is your refund policy?

If you don't like it we will go out of our way to make it right. 

You Choose:

1. We bring you something else

2. We refund your money

3. We replace it double next week!

My product was damaged upon arrival. What should I do?

Breakage/damage resulting from any external factors after delivery of product is covered under our terms of warranty. Please notify us within 24 hours of receiving the goods. After this period or if the we are unable to honor any returns.

We are obsessed with giving the best customer experience possible. Why? Our reputation is everything.  
24/7 Friendly Support
Pause, Skip, Cancel or just ask a question.  Don't like something? Just message us. We'll go above and beyond to make it right.
Refrigerated Delivery
Food stays cold the entire journey!
Not Home Yet?
We deliver in sealed, reusable thermal bags with gel packs. Food stays cold, pests stay away
Re-usable Containers
Keep them, recycle them, return them! Our containers are yours to keep and enjoy! Or return them for us to recycle for you
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Follow us on @mealpreps4me and use the hashtag #mealpreps4me to be featured

How we select your ingredients

Every ingredient tastes great, reheats amazing, & stays fresh for at least 7 days
We hand select only the freshest proteins raised in the USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ, and then we sear & slow cook them to succulent perfection.  
Locally sourced, and selected for flavor πŸ‘. Not  shelf life! We prepare veggies to Al Dente to lock in all the nutrients and ensure they don't heat up like Mush. 
Highly nutritious
Our products provide vitamin A, B, C, D... and micronutrients essential for good health. We ensure you are getting the right micros and macro-nutrients 
Delivered fresh
We deliver all of your meals fresh Sundays or Mondays in specially designed cooler bags with gel packs to ensure they stay fresh even if you're not home to receive them!