The BEST documented weight loss program 🧐

The most successful documented weight lost plan!

Ever hear of Trevose Pennsylvania (1)? Better yet ever hear of the weight loss program called the Trevose Behavioral Modification Plan? (Yes it’s a kind of diet) It’s okay. Neither did I. That is until I read the book “how not to diet” by Dr Michael Greger.  It’s been running all volunteer based since the 1970s. And it’s completely free!!! More on that in a minute. 

Let’s make it easier. Ever hear of weight watchers? On average, after 2 years on weight watchers, the average weight loss per user is about 6 lbs 😂 (2)

After  two years in the Trevose program, the average weight loss is 39 pounds. (3)

What’s the difference? “Extreme Accountability”

While the Trevose plan had been considered the “weight loss boot camp”, it’s not about crazy exercise or FAD DIETS. They use traditional calorie cutting techniques, group support, and weekly meetings with weigh ins. But the big difference is in the rules. It’s called “Extreme accountability”

In Trevose behavioral modification they use one guiding rule. You miss one weigh-in or fail to meet your goal you are kicked out. FOREVER!!!!!!! That’s it. Nothing technical. 

Let’s weigh them out. Weight watchers is a multi billion dollar company that spends hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising, and charges a premium for its private branded weight loss products with zero accountability on the dieter. “Come back any time and buy our products!!! We make money!!! “ 😃

Trevose Behavioral modification on the other hand is FREE. And sells no products. They just enforce the rules👮‍♀️

So what do we learn from this? All the fancy gizmos and gadgets, fad diets and all crazy stupid dangerous workouts are unneeded. It’s all about being held accountable for maintaining weekly goals. 

Don’t want to move to Pennsylvania? That’s fine. Let’s start the way I did. Go buy a scale. Weigh yourself every morning at the same exact time. Either just before or just after your first time using the restroom. Also always before your first meal or drink. 

Record that weight. Remember that number. Hold yourself accountable to ensure that NO MATTER WHAT. When you get back on that scale tomorrow it reads the same or preferably less than the day before. Even by .01lbs. 

But do not beat yourself up if you fail a day. Just reflect on why it happed. Which meal(s) or snack(s) did you over eat at? What moments did you regret that day? Remember it. Start new the next day and Don’t do it again tomorrow. 

Remember one key thing. You can shed more lbs.   Eating healthy than working out. So if you’re like me (no time to spare) this is a dream. Just cut back on the junk!!! No need to spend hours in the gym!





Overview from Dr Michael Greger “How not to diet”

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