Lose weight just by changing when you eat!


lose 19 pounds in three weeks just by changing one thing. The time of day you decide to eat your food. Big study done once upon a time called the Popper Prince King study. This refers to when we were eating our bulk amount of our calories per day, or to really simplify it.

Do you lose more weight by eating a big breakfast or a big dinner or a big lunch? The studies show very, very clearly that people who consume their highest caloric load, in other words, they consume the bulk of their calories in the morning, will lose 19 pounds over the control group who eats like, you know, regular human beings, big. Sometimes breakfast, but they lost on average 19 pounds more than the control group in a 1400 calorie study. one very interesting fact about this as well is that they also lost two additional inches around their waistline. \

What is going on? They did a lot of research and what they found out was is our body is much like our brains. We have different activities that we do at different parts of the day to support different systems. What we've discovered is, is that. The human body metabolizes all of our food down to glucose, and when it gets into our bloodstream in the early part of the day, our body is actually taking that excess glucose and it's pulling it into our muscles and converting it to glycogen. When this happens, it's making our energy readily available, and then during the evening, , our body starts to change that cycle and it goes into more of a, let's store this.

So if there's excess glucose into the bloodstream, then guess what? It's going in places you don't want it to go.

So just remember one thing. If you wanna change the way that you look, you can change the time that you eat. It's really simple. So take a look into, it's called the Popper Prints King study. It's really fun.

that's it for this week's health hack.


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