Jelly beans Vs Soda -“ISN’T A CALORIE A CALORIE?”

Jelly beans Vs Soda


TLDR: Eating or Drinking your calories in liquid form increases how many calories your body will consume in that meal AND Affects your future appetite forcing you to eat 7X more later!!!



Okay here is more detail for those that like to read the proof!

There was famous experiment conducted to see which calories were worse for you, eg the Jelly beans and Soda title. What they found was shocking. Our bodies actually treat them different. When consuming the same amount of calories in liquid form we see a higher average BMI.

A follow up study was done:

4855. Mattes RD. Dietary compensation by humans for supplemental energy provided as ethanol or carbohydrate in fluids. Physiol Behav. 1996;59(1): 179-87. (Yes I read this)

This study showed that the correlation between jelly bean and soda was not JUST about which one was worse for you, but proved the bodies hunger response was being affected differently.

It appears in this research that when we eat 100 solid calories, our body down regulates our future hunger cravings by 64 calories.

Where as those drinking the calories only saw a future down regulation of appetite by 9 calories.

Two big finds here

1: The food choices we make on this meal directly impact your subconscious hunger cravings for the future. So drinking crappy calories not only ads the weight now but it ads the weight later in the form of hunger cravings!!!!!

2: liquid calories are sooo bad for you. And not just because of this reason. For those of you that don’t want to do the math liquid calories affect your future appetite 7 times worse!!

Stop drinking soda and even most juices!!! Your waist line will ❤️ you!!

Also don’t believe me?!? This was a great chapter in Dr. Michael Greger “How not to Diet” book! Highly recommend!

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