How to feel full - Stop worrying about dieting, and start learning how to feel full


πŸ“ All right. Seriously, stop dieting, and start worrying about the thing that you need to worry about. First everybody's out there trying to figure out what diet they're gonna be on because they want to try to figure out how to lose weight. Well, the problem is. It's probably not your diet. .

Before you learn how to let's say walk, you gotta learn how to crawl. So let's learn the first, most important step that nobody's talking about. It's called satiation. Do you know what that is? Satiation means feeling full it's. When your body says I'm done eating and you are just

comfortable. You're happy. They didn't teach us that in school. So how do you feel full? If you're like me you were always taught that you gotta finish all the food on your plate, so you gotta eat as much as you can.

So you've gotten to the point where you think feeling full means that you're kind of a little bit sick. Well, that's not. That's not full at all that's your stomach being full or filled to its max.

As soon as our stomach empties out into our intestines, guess what's gonna happen. Now we're gonna be hungry again. Well, how do we get rid of hunger? That's easy.

Let's talk about your body's physiology real fast. We'll make it quick and try to not make it technical at all. So your body, it. Wants to feel full. It wants to tell you that you're full and the way that it does it is it responds by saying, do not eat anymore. Not in a way that makes you feel sick, but you just actually don't have an appetite to eat.

I know. Weird. Right. So how does that happen? So first you have. Your stomach has these stretch receptors inside of it. When you eat enough food, those stretch receptors are going to trigger, and they're gonna tell your brain, Hey, we got too much food right here.

Stop eating. You're good. But really that's more of a feeling that you have and you're like, I'm gonna be sick. So I'm gonna stop eating right now. So then your next one that you gotta talk about is something called your ileum break. Your illum break is something that's located in your colon. Yes, your colon.

It's like a sensor, when your body has so much nutrients in its digestive tract, that it actually makes it all the way down to the colon. The part right before you poop it out, it triggers a response to tell your body in an emergency, stop, eating do not consume anymore.

It's not painful. You don't feel this thing. It just happens. This is when your body says, look, you have food. That's literally from your stomach to your, if you know what I mean? So that's triggered when your body sees that there's calories there. Well, that's kind of difficult to trigger unless you're eating a high fiber diet.

You have to push that through your system and you gotta get all the way through in order to get down to that point. The next part is the easy hack you've heard about gut flora. You've heard about gut bacteria and how that affects. Well, what most people don't know is is we have trillions of them. We actually have more foreign DNA on our body, in our gut than we actually have DNA in our whole body.

So taking care of them is very important. So why do we have all this gut bacteria? I don't wanna get into all that stuff. That's gonna get real confusing real quick. But the important part for this conversation is, is when you feed your gut bacteria, they release chemical or a hormone into your bloodstream that notifies your brain, that you have fed your body.

And it's one of the only places that this hormone is being given off . Off, and it only gets given off when your gut bacteria happy. So what does your gut bacteria eat? Your gut bacteria eats probiotics or I'm sorry, your gut bacteria is probiotics, but your gut bacteria eats prebiotics. Prebiotics sounds fancy.

Right? Well, the fact of the matter is, is prebiotics are a waste of. I shouldn't say a complete waste, but a pretty big waste of money because you can get all the prebiotics you need in fiber. So eating fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, things like that. They're gonna help you get that fiber into your body, and they're gonna feed your gut floor when your gut floor gets fed.

It's gonna tell the rest of your body, Hey, I'm full. And now all of a sudden, guess what your hunger cravings are gone. But if you're thinking like I'm thinking and you want to try to hack the system, you wanna get away with it because you know, let's face it eating bowl. Broccoli, probably isn't gonna be the thing that you really want to wake up in the morning to do.

So what do you do? You're gonna try to think and hack and be like, well, maybe I could just start eating fiber supplements. It doesn't work like that. It's been proven that eating fiber supplements actually doesn't trigger the same response. It doesn't react that way. So the only way to make this happen is by eating lots of fruits and vegetables, and one of the really fun consequences by getting into eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, like let's say, apples is that it's gonna make.

Your body work harder to digest it because when those apples go into your body, they're gonna get broken down and they're gonna release pectin and that pectin gonna gel up your stomach. It's gonna make it more difficult for all that stuff. The weasel it's way on through, and then guess what happens. Your body has to work harder to get it out.

So it raises your BMR, your basal metabolic rate, therefore making you burn. About 10 to 15% more calories in that day, just on your BMR. So you literally are burning calories in your sleep because you just ate the right food and these effects don't happen immediately. It typically takes quite a few hours to make it there, but these effects are gonna last, not.

One meal, not two meals, but they're gonna last one to two days. So number one thing that you have to focus on in your diet is making sure that you are eating as much fruits and vegetables as you can possibly get into your body, the higher the fiber, the better you're going to thank yourself. You're gonna find yourself losing weight very quickly.

It's one of the fastest hacks that I had used in order to get down from 205 pounds all the way back down to 160 pounds. I really, really highly recommend it. So make sure if there's anything that you can do today to change your life, go buy some apples, start eating it before your meal. Get that fiber in your body immediately.

That way you can start breaking that stuff out. Thanks for listening today, Matt, with meal prep for me, I got nothing to sell. You just wanna tell you some health outfits to help you trim out a little bit. Maybe. Thanks again.

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